New GOLD Sponsor for #SqlSatDublin

We are delighted to welcome MinionWare on board as a GOLD sponsor for SQL Saturday Dublin 2016.


Come along and meet the experts behind MinionWare on June the 18th at

More about MinionWare:

MinionWare, LLC was founded by Sean McCown and Jen McCown. We are Microsoft Certified Masters in SQL Server, and database consultants. Between the two of us, we have over 35 years of experience with SQL Server specifically.

We started putting together the free Minion modules to address some of the major shortcomings of SQL Server itself, and of existing backup and maintenance solutions. In other words, we write products that don’t actively make us angry. Better still, these are the products we always wanted. We use Minion Backup, Minion Reindex, and Minion CheckDB at client sites for better manageability, flexibility, configurability, and lots of other -abilities.

We also teach at conferences around the world, raise three kids and a handful of animals, and in our copious free time, we pursue interests such as sleeping and eating. And one or the other of us likes to cook and run, but not ever at the same time.


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