Next User Group–10th March

The next UG meeting is on Tues the 10th March in the Hilton Hotel, Charlemont at 18:30, starting 18:45.

We are pretty lucky this year with some awesome speakers from the US like Steve Jones coming over. If you are interested in improving your testing skills, learn from some industry experts and chill out with the Irish SQL community, this is the event.

Steve is around before the event if you have any questions and well be having a quick drink or two in the bar after the event !

Get Testing with tSQLt

tSQLt is a testing framework that is designed to help you write
repeatable, isolated tests against your database code. In this session
we will briefly examine the goals of testing, where it can be used in an
automated deployment pipeline, and introduce you to the tSQLt
framework. We’ll show you how to design and write tests to enforce
standards, check calculations and other DML operations as well as check
exception handling. You will see how a real world refactoring task can
be tested in a repeatable manner. Learn how you can incrementally write
tests that help you build higher quality code and minimize the
introduction of errors against your existing objects.

If you want to chat to steve about the testing framework or DLM he is available at the venue from 5:30pm.

meeting for drinks in the bar after the event 😉

Speaker’s bio:

Steve Jones

Steve Jones is a Microsoft SQL Server MVP and has been working with SQL Server since version 4.2 on OS/2.

After working as a DBA and developer for a variety of companies, Steve co-founded the community website in 2001. Since 2004, Steve has been the full-time editor of the site, ensuring it continues to be a great resource for SQL Server professionals. Over the last decade, Steve has written hundreds of articles about SQL Server for, SQL Server Standard magazine, SQL Server Magazine, and Database Journal.

Steve will be running a DLM Training Workshop featuring Database Continuous Integration on Tuesday from 9:00am – 5:00pm. Spaces are limited and recommended for those using Redgate tools. More info.

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