PASS Roundup and Load Testing Analysis Services–Tues Eve Meeting

The PASS summit is without doubt the largest SQL Server event of the year with over 5,000 attendees over a full week. Come along Tuesday 18th Nov to for a roundup of what’s new in the SQL Server world from PASS.

In addition come along to see the only session from Ireland at the PASS summit.

Load Testing Analysis Services

Have you ever deployed an Analysis Services cube that worked perfectly well with one user on the development server, only to find that it doesn’t meet the required volumes of user concurrency?

This session focuses on tools and methodology to load test Analysis Services in highly concurrent environments. We will discuss a case study with some shocking results as to what you may have to do to configure and scale analysis services.

We will be discussing both the MOLAP (Multidimensional Online Analytical Processing) and the Tabular models.

As bonus content we will be looking at cloud offerings from Microsoft and Amazon and demonstrate how load testing can help select the best platform for your workload.

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