SqlSatDublin Precon Spotlight – Microsoft Azure Deep Dive

Whether you are a DBA, developer, architect or IT Pro there’s one thing for certain – you can’t avoid the cloud. Even if you aren’t using the cloud right your CTO, manager or maybe even your next project team or employer is going to ask you to consider using the cloud and maybe even see you as the facilitator.

Two things we know for certain about Microsoft Azure:
1. It offers massive scalability, amazing time to market, excellent flexibility and an ever growing feature set.
2. If you follow the same design patterns you do with existing solutions it will probably perform like a dog

We are super lucky to have two of the very best speakers on the subject of how to produce robust and scalable applications on the Azure Platform

098e689f-cf1b-4fe1-b48d-4ce2706f1815[1] The Principal Architect for SQL Azure and DB Engine – Conor Cunningham.

Ewan Fairweather –  A member of the elite Azure CAT team within Microsoft, responsible for helping large scale customers succeed with Azure.


If you want to know the How and Why of building scalable applications on the Azure platform, this is a workshop you can’t miss. For more information follow the link below:


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