Business Intelligence & Datawarehousing – Cube Processing Deep Dive – Bob Duffy – April 8th 2014

Ever wondered what actually happens when a cube is “processed”, why it takes so long, how you can configure and optimise cube processing, or what strategies people commonly use for incremental processing ?

This session provides a deep dive into cube processing for MOLAP cubes, to help understand how it works and what you can do to work with it.

Come to this session if you are working with Microsoft Analysis Services from either a development, Administrative or Architectural perspective.

Most of the content is aimed at MOLAP cubes but we will also include a brief discuss on the newer Tabular models.

Bob Duffy has been designing database solutions for 18 years. He is both a Microsoft MVP for SQL Server and also one of a select few Microsoft Certified Architects for SQL 2005/8 (aka SQL Ranger).

Currently Bob is heading up SQL/BI consultancy and the SQL Centre of Excellence at Prodata. His main role is helping customers in Ireland with enterprise SQL Design, Performance Tuning, Business Intelligence, consolidation and upgrade planning. Including lots of experience on multi-terabyte databases.

Bob worked with Microsoft as a Senior Consultant and was the Western European Community Lead for SQL Server. While there, he also won Customer CPE Champion Award in 2007 and the Great People Great Performer Award in 2008.

Microsoft Atrium, Sandyford. Limited parking available accessible from the rear of the building.


When: April 8th, 2014 18:30 – 20:30


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