Deploying Microsoft SQL Server solutions into the cloud

On October 1st at 18:30, Deiric Lynch will present on Deploying Microsoft SQL Server solutions into the cloud at the Microsoft Atrium, Sandyford.

Registration is free at

The Talk

Deploying or moving a SQL Server instance or database to the cloud is more complicated than dealing with an on-premise/datacentre infrastructure. While more complicated it has recently moved from the realms of super specialization and the cloud providers are working steadily on improving the experience.

This talk will attempt to demystify what it takes to achieve a deployment/move based on our experiences. There is a strong flavour of Amazon Web Services – as this is what I am most familiar with – but all concepts are applicable to all cloud platforms.

This session concentrates on the infrastructure of deploying an instance/database in the cloud and will not deal directly with particular application issues; some of these will of course be mentioned as part of the talk.

The Speaker

Deiric Lynch started his database career with Microsoft in the early 90’s as the first DBA working with SQL Server 4.2 on O/S2. He set up the database operations team and was part of the infrastructure team that consolidated Microsoft’s IT infrastructure into the European operations Centre in Sandyford. Deiric left Microsoft for a period working as a Sybase database consultant specializing in P&T and Replication and speaking at international events. In May 2000 Deiric was a founding member of DNM Technology. In the past several years Deiric has re-concentrated on Microsoft SQL Server with Cloud deployments and use of PowerShell being two of his more recent projects.

The Company

DNM Technology is an Irish owned consultancy services company delivering global data solutions for over 13 years. We specialise in delivering solutions in Business Intelligence, Data Services, Cloud Integration and Enterprise Architecture. Our core philosophy is about finding the best solution for our customers, unlocking value in their current investment, developing a future data vision, and roadmap and providing by augmentation or as a package, an end to end solution to meet their organisational needs.

DNM strive to exceed expectations by continuously improving our technical and business skills, our experience and expertise while leveraging on strong technology partner relationships in order to achieve excellence for our customers.

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